When does the hunt take place?

We offer hunts in Missouri and South Dakota.
The hunts all take place on either private land or leased land. The hunting season is from March 9th to April 9th.

How does it work?
The first 10-15 days of the season, the spreads will be set for running traffic on migrating Snow Geese. We will either be hunting in ground blinds, or in our luxury pits. Decoys may need to be adjusted in the morning hours depending on wind directions.

The last 15 days of the season, spreads will be moved every day, set up in morning, and picked up after hunt. This will ensure that hunters are always on fresh fields. We will have one permanent spread as back up. Our professional staff and guides are out scouting and hunting for the entire season to ensure your sucess.

After the hunt we will head back to the lodge where there is a place for hunters to clean birds. (Bird hitches available)

What are the rules?

  1.  Hunters must bring coolers and the bar will provide ice and a place to dispose of carcasses.
  2.  A wing must stay attached to breast. You can not fully breast out your birds.
  3.  We are not responsible for your birds or your transportation methods.